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Removing false indication of a macro

Posted by M Best on July 24, 2000 8:20 AM

Somhow I created the indication of a macro in a workbook. I cannot recreate how I caused the problem, but it may have started when I accidentally looked into the specifics of a page layout or format details. Now each time I open the file, I get prompted "The workbook you are opening contains macros...[Disable] [Enable] or [Do Not Open]". I would like to remove whatever is causing this prompt, but I cannot locate anything. There are no macros listed in the workbook. The file is rather large: 99 columns, 6000+ rows, 55 worksheets. If it were a smaller file, I would cut and paste to a new file to remove the problem. I would appreciate any ideas for solutions.

Posted by Ryan on July 24, 0100 10:28 AM

M Best,

This could happen if there is ANY code in ANY of the object modules or possibly just an empty module. If you can not find anything then you can go to tools --> macro --> security and select the low option. This will take away the prompt. Hope this helps!