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Saved excel file not responding after attempting to open

Posted by Tim on April 25, 2001 9:59 AM

Excel file will not open and no error message comes up. Excel opens and the pointer is in hourglass mode. I have waited for over 40 minutes just to see if it would load but no luck. I go to task manager and it shows "excel not responding". The file is 2.2Mb with several worksheets (no macros).

Posted by Kevin James on April 25, 2001 10:04 AM

Ya, I have a client that has this problem *regularly*. Essentially, the file is corrupted. If you have a Win2000 machine around, running Excel2000, try opening it with that. (The only solution I've found so far.) If successful, save the file under another name.

Posted by Tim on April 25, 2001 10:09 AM

Thank you! I will try to find someone that has excel 2000.

Posted by Kevin James on April 25, 2001 10:34 AM

In further reflection:
Scenario 1: If your file resides on your PC, try closing all pgms and running scandisk & defrag. Afterwards, reboot and try to open again.

Scenario 2: If the file is on a server, download to your local machine and try to open. Sometimes (rarely) just copying the file fixes it enough to be opened. If this works, fine. If not, after copying it down to your machine, do scenario 1 above.

Posted by Tim on April 25, 2001 11:55 AM


Thanks! I defragged but this did not solve my probelm, although, I can tell that my computer is faster. I never defragged my computer before.

If you know of anyone who has excel 2000 and would be willing to open this file I would gladly e-mail it to them. I can't find anyone around here that has Windows 2000. Thanks!

Posted by Kevin James on April 25, 2001 12:41 PM

More ideas


Trying to email a 2meg file is not a good idea. Your employer would probably hate you.

Suggestion: Burn a copy onto a CD. (Yap, its time to upgrade if you haven't already.)
Take it your local friendly PC guru store (or maybe even Best Buy and give a really sad puppy look) and ask them to try to open it on Excel2000.

Scandisk and defrag are a good practice approx every month.

Making a daily or weekly backup copy of vital files is also a very good idea. (I am assuming that you've already spoken to your systems admin dept and they didn't make any backups that you can retrieve.)

Posted by Dave Hawley on April 25, 2001 7:30 PM

Re: More ideas

Hi Tim

I will give it a go to try and open it on my PC (Excel 2000). You can send it to me as is o Zipped. Just put "unable to open" in the subject. Else I may never even get chance to open i (get too many emails requesting help :o))

Before you do though try dropping into your floppy drive and then open it from there. Renaming it can sometimes (rarely) help also.

If I can't open it I should at least be able to pull out all the raw data. If you need more than that I will send you a list of Websites that do data recovery (they will charge though)

As a real looooonnnnggg shot maybe you have an old copy on floppy or as an email attachment ???

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