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Saving Toolbar Settings

Posted by Richard on January 25, 2002 6:52 AM

I recently got a new computer at work and I am having problems with my toolbars.
Any alterations I make to my toolbar disappear if I shut down excel and re-open it. Therefore every day I have to add certain icons that I use regularly.
e.g. Print Area, Paste Values
Does anyone know why this is happening, and what do I have to do to enable excel to save my toolbar settings?

Posted by HH on January 25, 2002 9:25 AM


Posted by Chris D on January 26, 2002 12:46 AM

From a search on toolbar saving within excel's help :

Save more than one toolbar configuration

If you frequently use a group of customized toolbars sized and arranged on the screen in a particular way, you can save the configuration so that you don't have to redisplay and size the toolbars each time.

1 Make any changes you want to the built-in menu bar and toolbars, and create any custom toolbars you want to save in the configuration. Then display the toolbars the way you want them to appear.
2 Quit Microsoft Excel.
3 In your Windows folder, locate the file named Username8.xlb, where username is your Windows or network logon name.

If your computer is not connected to a network or not set up with a logon prompt, the settings file is named Excel8.xlb.

4 Rename the file, retaining the .xlb extension.

To use a saved configuration again, use the Open command on the File menu to open the renamed toolbars settings file. Microsoft Excel creates a new default toolbars settings file Username8.xlb when you next quit the program.

Note If you cannot find the default toolbars settings file, another location for the file might be specified in your system settings. Please consult your system administrator.

... with thanks to Juan Pablo for the xlb tip when I was re-imaged on Thursday.

Hope this helps