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scroll area, xlunlocked cells

Posted by stevie windows on July 16, 2001 2:20 AM

I have a worksheet that I am using as a form for data entry into another worksheet.
To make it more formlike, I would like to be able to limit the scroll area, then to set the sheet so only unlocked cells can be selected. Simple enough? I set the scroll area worksheet property to a1:k23. I set the enable selection property to xlunlocked cells. This is fine, but if I (save), exit then reload the sheet - these properties are reset, so the whole sheet is scrollable and all cells are selectable (although not editable - as the sheet is protected). How do I stop these properties from resetting?


Posted by Ivan F Moala on July 16, 2001 3:17 AM

You have to reset these @ load time ie.
Workbook open event as these settings are
reset when you close the workbook.