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Posted by MILAN on February 12, 2002 9:31 AM

On one of spreadsheet only, my scroll bar is only movment is almost
undetectable when activated.
What controls how the scroll bar moves in relation to the area of used cells?
I have cleared and deleted all rows and columns not being used and
even tried hiding them.
This is the only help info I found. Where's the scroll box?
"Tip: The size of a scroll box indicates the proportional
amount of the used area of the sheet that is visible in
the window. The position of a scroll box indicates the
relative location of the visible area within the worksheet."

Posted by Derek on February 12, 2002 6:54 PM

Try this.
Copy the offending worksheet to a separate workbook, save it and check its size. Now copy only the area of used cells and paste this to another sheet. Delete your original sheet, save workbook and check its size. If there is a big difference, your offending sheet is holding something in memory, so just copy the used area to a new sheet and delete the original.
Good luck