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Secrecy in Excel

Posted by Francisco J. Estaba S. on September 13, 2000 6:21 PM

Dear People...

I have broke my back trying to develop a little utility for the court i´m a Judge, only to witness in horror as a fellow Judge tried to browse through it via a LAN i Installed with my very own resources. That scourge even had the nerve to bring a notepad to take note of the formulae that CELIA gave me!!!!!
Is there any way to protect those formulae????. is there a way to display my copyright on the worksheet? Perhaps as a Macro?????

Posted by Ivan Moala on September 15, 0100 12:13 AM

The above method protects the protect
the workbook from viewing as stated by scott then
then Saveas / Options and enter password to open.


Posted by Scott H on September 14, 0100 6:02 AM

One way to prevent this from happening is to password protect your workbook that contains the formulas/macros. What's nice about it is that the user is prompted for the password BEFORE the workbook is opened - thereby preventing access entirely. Depending on how much of a "hacker" your fellow user is it should prevent access nicely.

To put a password in place, go to Tools>Protection>Protect Workbook. Select your own password and that should do it.

Posted by Celia on September 14, 0100 6:53 AM

If you just want to hide the formulas from potential plagiarists, have a look at "Hide or Unhide Formulas" in on-line Help. You would also probably need to prevent access in some way since the nefarious judge(s) may know how to unhide the formulas.
There are many ways to protect your workbook.
For instance, you can password protect the workbook or worksheet; prevent changes to specified cells; put your formulas in a hidden non-accessible row or column and only show the result of the formulas in the cells that require the results (or even have the formulas in a different non-accessible worksheet), et cetera.

Look up on-line Help dependant upon what you would like to do.
Post again if you run into difficulties.