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Shared workbook #NAME?

Posted by Dave on January 30, 2002 10:01 AM

I have a workbook that I share with 4 other users.It has alot of vlookup and if functions in it...All of them work except 1.The formula is =if(a1=(workday(today(),2)),"call",""). This formula works on my sheet and 1 other user. But #name? is on the other 2 users sheets...Anybody know how to fix this problem?
Thank-you in advance for any help you can offer..

Posted by Dan Aragon on January 30, 2002 10:29 AM

The #NAME? error occurs when Excel doesn't recognize the name of the function that you are trying to use. On the affected machines, go to Tools, Add Ins..., and make sure that the Analysis ToolPak is check marked. That should take care of it.