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Shortcut/Template Problems

Posted by Fiona on January 27, 2001 6:17 PM

Our computer no longer will open a file (only for Excel - all other programs work ok) from desktop shortcut or start-new office document.
If I hold down the shift key and right-click the shortcut and use 'open with' excel it works the first time - but then opens the same file even for the other desktop shortcuts. We are using MS Office 2000. I can't seem to uninstal just Excel - I have tried uninstalling the whole Office and reinstalling it but this hasn't fixed it. At the time we were trying to open a works file - also the computer on startup crashed as there was a disk left in it. thanks.

Posted by Carl on January 27, 2001 10:55 PM

Not sure but the program file type might not be set right within Explorer.
Open Windows Explorer, goto View, select Folder Options, then File Types.
Scroll down till you find Microsoft Excel WorkSheet, it should list as type (MIMME) application/x-excell
select Edit and it should list Actions with Open in bold