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Slow load of excel file

Posted by Jim Goodman on April 10, 2001 9:47 AM

I am using Excel 2000 Rev 9.o.4402 sr-1,it takes over a half hour to load "my data.xls" 2172 kb with a 400 mhz - 256 ram computer.

When I use another computer with Excel 200 Rev 9.0.2720
When I load "my data.xls" 2172 kb ,it takes over a five minutes to load "my data.xls" 2172 kb with a 100 mhz - 128 ram computer.

Why does it take longer to load on the faster computer and the upgraded Excel 2000?

How can I correct this problem?

Posted by Dave Hawley on April 10, 2001 10:11 PM

Hi Jim

It sounds to me like BOTH PC's require a Disk de-frag!

Here is some information I have relating to memory problems that may help:

Don't save the Workbooks in multiple formats unless really needed. Saving Workbooks as more than one format ( 95,97 and 97 ) can blow out file size by > 75%

Also see this article on OUTLOOK

Only have the "Add-ins" you need installed

If your using VBA then NOT releasing Objects from memory is another cause, always set them to nothing on completion:

Set Wsht as Worksheet(1)

Your code

Set Wsht =Nothing

Another big cause of problems is out of date Printer drivers make sure you have the latest. You can do this by going to the Website of your printer manufacture.
See this article:

Keeping the sheet zoom at 100% can also be helpful

And last but by no means least, delete all Temp files, Do a scan disk, empty the re-cycle bin then do a disk de-frag and re-boot.


Here are some methods to reduce file size.

1. Save as "Microsoft Excel Workbook" as apposed to 97/95.

2. Open the VBE and Export all Modules and Forms to your hard drive (right click on them and select Export). Then delete all Modules and Forms in your Workbook. Now Import all Forms and Modules from your hard drive back in.

3.Right Click on any sheet name tab and select "Move or Copy". From the "To book" select "(new book)". Select the "Create a copy" box and click OK. Now save this new book as any name and go to File>Properties|General and see how much the new workbook has increased in size. Do the same for all sheets.

If a sheet causes an unreasonable increase in file size then it is probably corrupt. Try highlight all the data on the sheet and then copy it to a new sheet. If still no change then copy small areas at a time, save and check file size. This will narrow down any corrupt data, which will need re-doing.


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Posted by Jim on April 11, 2001 7:58 AM

Could your file have many, many links to other files that are not open? I've seen this condition slow things down quite a bit. If so, try opening the other files first and keep them open when loading "my date.xls"