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sort by second or third character in column

Posted by gary on September 07, 2000 8:35 PM

Is it possible to sort a column without looking at the first character in a cell. i.e K-123, K-147 K-135. Need to sort without looking at the K or the -

Posted by gary on September 08, 0100 10:24 AM

2 minor problems-data starts in A8 so I change the formula from A1 to A8 and it still sorts what is in A1- A7. Also A15 to A25 isn't K- but C- and it's sorting them as a separate list.As usual, thanks

Posted by Celia on September 07, 0100 9:20 PM

Here's one way.
I have assumed that the data to be sorted is in column A and the data starts in A1.

1.Insert a column or use any blank column(say,column B)
2.Enter in B1 =MID(A1,3,100).
The formula will display the contents of A1, excluding the first two characters, up to a maximum of 100 characters in A1
3.Fill the formula down column B to the end of your data.
4.Sort by column B.
5.Delete column B.