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Spreadsheet to membership directory boolet

Posted by Kerry Walsh on January 31, 2002 4:37 PM

I belong to a whitewater rafting club and we maintain our membership directory in a plain old Excel spreadsheet. Now we want to publish a membership directory in a 5.5" x 8.5" booklet format. The format would be something like this:

Joe Blow
12345 N Easystreet
Anytown USA
Phone #

Is there any way to use Excel to format the data suitable for printing?

Posted by anno on January 31, 2002 5:51 PM

i would use your excel spreadsheet as the data file for an ms word mail merge. i think some sort of label template would give you the layout you need. you can make your own label template which would give you the size and layout you need. i am a little rusty on mail merges but happy to provide any assistance i can.

alternatively, if you don't have too many members you could do a copy and paste special>transpose to change member details from rows to columns.

Posted by Kerry on February 01, 2002 8:53 AM

Thanks Anne,

We're on the same wavelength. I guess it's time to expand the horizons in my knowledge of Word.