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time usage

Posted by Vasia on September 01, 2000 10:49 AM

I am trying to create a time usage.
I have one column showing start time and 2nd column with end time.
19:48:35 20:55:25 01:06:50
23:08:24 00:21:53 01:13:29
20:56:36 21:19:11 00:22:35
02:57:51 03:32:23 00:34:32
03:44:32 03:48:14 00:03:42

My problem is adding them up. I need to have a total of hours and keep getting totals like


I've set up in format - custom

what I need is to add all the time elapsed 2 ways
days hours minutes seconds
total hours minutes seconds

Any help would be appreciated.


Posted by Vassili Jabin on September 05, 0100 8:49 AM

thanks for the help. Luckily the report is not that big


Posted by thomas venn on September 01, 0100 4:24 PM


i copied your values and looked at it in Excel. i am unable to find any faul with the data you submitted. however, i suspect that there is a date associated with your time which you are not showing in your example. anyway, here is one way in which you may resolve your problem. in column d, use =hour(c1) Then in column e, use =minute(c1) then in column f, use =second(c1). you add up all the hours, minutes and seconds. but, remember to divide the minutes and seconds by 60. give it a try.


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