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Truncated Excel Object

Posted by Bob Donohue on June 23, 2001 2:09 AM

I am trying to copy a page of an excel ss into word. The ss is 11 columns wide. I have copied the excel ss to the clipboard and use Paste Special to place them in a Word 97 doc. The ss is 11 columns wide put only 10 are placed by Word.

I understand that Word truncate excel files when they are converted to Meta filw format.
Is there a way I can get my whole ss into word?

I cannot reduce the number of columns, either in number or in width.

Thank you.


Posted by Bob on June 23, 2001 2:11 AM

Posted by Ivan F Moala on June 23, 2001 5:36 AM

Have you tried pasting it as a Picture ??
Just a thought.