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User Form Image1

Posted by Malc on July 04, 2001 10:10 PM

I'm using Excel 97. I have a userform with a picture (image) attached. When the userform runs the picture appears as it should on my PC I actually have an auto_open macro which has the code I've emailed the workbook to various people all using Excel 97. Some open the workbook and the form appears with the picture others get an 481 invalid picture error. Is there any settings not set on the failed PC. I've checked addins and references in the VBA all are the same as mine. And is there anyway to check to see if the picture is attached to the emailed file apart from running the macro.

Posted by Scott on July 05, 2001 7:22 AM

Just a guess here, but is it possible that the picture you are referencing is located on a network drive that the other computers are not mapped to?