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Wrong Version?

Posted by Richard S on November 15, 2001 1:47 PM

Hi all,

I have a Macro which has a call shell command which runs a BAT file. The BAT file runs a bit of ftp script to pull a text file from a Unix box to the LAN. This file is then opened in Excel and parsed and named and other stuff. I have a wait command in the macro immediately after the call shell command to give it time to do the imports etc.

At the moment, this is all working fine from my workstation using Excel 2000. However, when another user runs the macro from their workstation using Excel 98, it pulls the existing version of the file from the LAN. It seems to skip the call shell part of the routine. Is there a difference re VBA between the two versions of Excel causing this? Any help appreciated.


Posted by Jack on November 15, 2001 3:25 PM

Well E98 is Mac and E200 is PC??? im lost Mac dont run exact as PC VBA is not the same in some cases ive been told i never use Mac ... check the Versions, if PC and Mac then i bet that the problem, Even Windows is nothing like eack other in or Mac version annwya to MS

I only Pull data from Bespoke or Unix what ever under ODBC link MS Query and run / refresh regardless, can be done on deman or VB Script i do both every day floorless into E97 over Lan erm NetWare Novell Unix SCO 5 Bespoke XKO

ODBC is Addin simple to do but need the Link to Bespoke OPEN ODBC is Licenced software te add i allows usage not makes it work need both.

So i cant see if you should be having problems