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Link excel to HTML file (or browser type)

Posted by Trevor on January 20, 2002 1:38 PM

I would like to present a simple spreadsheet as a HTML or browser readable file.
This is to enable a number of people to view the data via a browser on a LAN.
I have figured out how to do this as a "static"?? file (save as web page), but this apears to be only a view at the time of saving.
However I would much prefer it to be linked so that it would generate the changes that are made regularly in the linked Xcel file.
It does not need to be interactive at the browser end and would only need to be refreshed when opened.
Can any one recommend some web sites that mighht walk me thru this.?



Posted by Chris D on January 20, 2002 2:16 PM

Hi Trevor,

this may not be the answer you're after, but could autosave update the excel file regularly ?

on the browser refresh, I'm not sure, there is an HTML / java command to refresh, but I dunno what it is

my immediate thought are the live baseball and american football websites where they auto refresh every minute.... maybe one of those could give you a clue (with the playoffs tonight)

just interrogate the coding behind the page (view : scource)

Hope this gets you on the right track !

Posted by Chris D on January 20, 2002 2:24 PM

To load it via your browser, rather than save as an HTML page (which always look ugly in my opinion)

create a webpage with the following link :

(substituting the {} braces with the <> signs)

{A HREF="yourpath/yourexcelfilename.xls"}your link description{/A}

when clicked on, it will load that excel file in the browser, but as we see it when we use excel, not like a webpage with tables in it

hope this also helps

Posted by Chris D on January 20, 2002 2:38 PM

this should refresh the HTML file every 5 seconds :

(again, where {} are actually <> )

{META HTTP - EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="5;URL=yourpath/yourhtmlfile.html"}

just insert it at the top of your saved HTML format excel file, underneath the {HTML} line

Hope this also helps