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Creating multiple links

Posted by Luke Feeney on September 23, 2001 11:17 PM

HELP - I am new to Excel!!

I want to link the multiple cells across multiple worksheets in the same workbook so that on a master worksheet as I enter data in a cell, all the cells linked with this one across all the worksheets in the workbook are automatically updated. At present all I can do is link just one cell to another. This is doing my head in!!

Posted by Richard S on September 23, 2001 11:22 PM


Say your master sheet is sheet1, and you want cell A1 from Sheet2 through to Sheet10 to be linked to cell A1 in Sheet1, select sheet2, hold down shift and select Sheet10, then in cell A1 n Sheet2, enter =Sheet1!A1. Select sheet1 to ungroup the sheets. All sheets from Sheet 2 to Sheet10 should now have the same formula in them.