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Finding Linked Cells

Posted by MARTIN on September 04, 2001 8:58 PM

I have a number of linked cells in a spreadsheet and want to find out which cells have the links in them.
I have tried edit, links but it only shows the files that the links go to rather than the cells were the link ends up.

Posted by Robb on September 05, 2001 4:33 AM


When you have the sheet open:

- Drop the Tools Menu
- Select Options
- Select View tab
- In the lower section is Windows Options - make sure the box next to Formulas is selected
- Click OK

When you return to the sheet, any formulae in the cells will be visible. You thus be able to see
all the links, which show as, say, =Sheet2!C9 or =[OtherFile.xls]Sheet2!$C$9.

Any help?