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Help!! clearing links to other workbook /Sheets

Posted by Marc on November 21, 2001 9:52 AM

I've copied several sheets from other from other excel workbook that i've created before, to complete another new workbook.

Everytime I start excel an open this new workbook, I get the message that excel has found other links to other workbooks, and if I want to restore those links or not.

I dont want to restore the links , and I dont want to get that message anymore.
I've already seen that in the submenu Edit, you can find the origin of the links. ( there you can restore or edit them), but is'nt there anyway to delete thos links. Please help.

Posted by Juan Pablo on November 21, 2001 9:57 AM

Copy and paste them as values.

Juan Pablo

Posted by Ivan F Moala on November 22, 2001 1:34 AM

Goto Edit | Links
Then change source
In the file selection select the current workbook