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Linking Cells between workbooks...

Posted by jase. on September 01, 2000 9:06 PM

In Excel 95 I need to link cells from one workbook to another. The problem is that the *TITLE* of the source workbook (it is a daily report) changes daily and is saved each day according to the date. So obviously I can't link to the cells in 8-31-00.xls because in a couple of days the information I need, while still in the same cells (e.g. B1, B2, B3...), is in the latest daily report, say for example 9-2-00.xls

Does that make sense? My cell references that I need stay the same but each day the worksheet I need to grab the data from has a different name according to the current date.

If the report stayed the same I could just link to: =[9-2-00.xls]Sheet1!$B$2

Is there anyway to link something like:


Sorry if this is unclear.
Thanks for any suggestions.


Posted by Scott H on September 05, 0100 5:50 AM

A few ideas I have (though none are automated, sorry)

1. Can you copy and paste each day's new values into the same workbook all the time (replace the old values)? That way your formula can reference the same cell, but you change the contents.

2. Try a find and replace to change each date to the new one needed. A little rough but it goes quickly.