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Posted by David on December 06, 2001 3:10 AM


I have two workbooks, linked to each other.

I wish to work upon multiple copies of these workbooks, but when I copy them to the new location, I imagine the links will refer to the original workbooks, when I need them to refer to each other at the new file location.

Is there an alternative to re-writing all of the links for the workbooks at the new locations, in order to get them to relate to each other?



Posted by Hansoh on December 06, 2001 12:35 PM

you say 'imagine'. have you not even tried to do it?

if not, try it. you may be surprised. if not, do it this way.

instead of copying files, or saving as, into different locations, try this.

make sure the 2 files are in the same folder. in explorer, copy the FOLDER (NOT the files) to another location. now you have 2 copies of the folder with identical files in each.

links in the files should refer to only the files in each folder. see if this works. if not, post again and maybe someone else can help.