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Draining Access info into Excel?????

Posted by alfredo sanchez on December 13, 2001 9:09 PM

Hope someone can help.
I have an application which is based in Access, It works around quotations and schedule, making relationships between various tables. The fact is that I'd like to extract schedule info and operate it with excel. Is it possible to extract this info directly from excel?
Any help greatly appreciated.

Posted by Jacob on December 13, 2001 9:47 PM


Here is the Excel help file regarding this

Analyze Microsoft Access data in Microsoft Excel
In the Database window in Microsoft Access, click the table, query, form, or report you want to use in Microsoft Excel.

On the Tools menu, point to Office Links, and then click Analyze It With MS Excel.
Microsoft Access saves the contents of the table, query, form, or report as a Microsoft Excel workbook (.xls) file and opens the file in Microsoft Excel. The file is saved with the name of the table, query, or other database object in the current working folder.

Note If you have a main form with one or more subforms or a main report with one or more subreports, Microsoft Access saves only the data in the main form or report to the workbook.

Hope this helps