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excel importing data

Posted by joe on April 18, 2000 11:37 AM

how to import data from excel to access, please guide me with detail steps as i'm a new to excel n access

thanks in advance

Posted by Sherlock on April 19, 2000 8:17 AM

To Import data from Excel to access follow the steps given below :

1. In Access open a database to which you want to
import data .
2. Goto File ->Get external Data-> Import.
3. Import dialog box will be opened.Select Files
of Type" as "Microsoft Excel".Select the file
you want to import and Click on "Import".
4. Import Spreadsheet Wizard will be displayed.In
the first wizard select a worksheet or
range of worksheets to be imported.
Click "Next".
5. Check the option "First Row Contains Column
Headings" if you want the first row in EXCEL
to be set as column headings (or) Field Names
in ACCESS TABLE. Click "Next".
6. Select the Option to store data "In the New
Table". Click "Next".
7. Set the "Field Options" as per your
requriements. Click "Next".
8. Choose the option "Let Access add Primary Key"
if you would like to set a primary key, (or)
select "No Primary Key". Click "Next".
9. Give the name of the "Table" your data to be
10. Click on "Finish".

Hope this helps-:)