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grouping in pivot tables

Posted by Barry on October 06, 2001 2:19 PM

I am having a problem trying to create a grouping within a pivot table column. I right click on an entry in the column, choose 'group and outline' and then 'group...' I get an error :"Cannot group that selection."

I have retraced all my steps, tried doing this on a number of different workbooks, looked at different books on mastering excel and cannot figure out why this simple task will not work for me.

My platform is windows NT sp6a.

Hope you have a simple answer for me.


Posted by marbel on October 09, 2001 10:32 AM

Pivot table items can't be grouped "individually." You must select more than one item, (ie. ctl+click) or excel will balk. It can be tricky to group dates by month, for example, by selecting a date field and right clicking - it will often deselect the items of the field, so you need to move your mouse over the selected items, not the field box. I hope I'm not reading your problem too simply.