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Multiple Pivot Tables in a Single Workbook

Posted by Prafulla Matapurkar on February 24, 2001 3:32 AM

I have two lists of roughly 2,000 records and six fields each in a workbook . I have created two pivot tables - one for each list - and then based three more pivot tables on these two.

I want to keep the pivot tables separate from the data.

However, whenever I change the page field item, I get the message "Pivot table saved without underlying data. Please use refresh ...". This happens even when the data source is available in the same workbook.

Posted by GregA on February 24, 2001 12:49 PM

I have created workbooks larger than the one you're describing with up to 20 pivot tables, without a porblem. I suspect the problem might relate to pivot tables which use other pivot tables as the underlying data source. I would try to structure your sheet so that you create one or two worksheets that you treat as the sources, but don't make them pivot tables. Then have your pivot tables access the "raw" data in these tables, and that should work.

Posted by Prafulla Matapurkar on February 25, 2001 1:24 AM

The two lists are in two different worksheets and each pivot table is in a separate worksheet. The problem occurs only for one of the pivot tables and not to the other one. I suspect that only one of the pivot tables is saved with underlying data - however, why it should be so beats me.

Thanks, anyway.