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Pivot table problems...

Posted by Dank on September 28, 2001 6:18 AM


Not sure if anyone can help me on this but I'll try anyway.

I have a pivot table where the datasource is a table in an Access database. The database stores monthly transactions extracted from our accounts ledger. The pivot table has months along the top and account numbers down the side. This worked fine until today with months 1 to 8 and a grand total shown along the top. However, today I've uploaded the first September numbers into the database. I went into the pivot table and clicked the refresh button expecting the new month to be added along the top but it wasn't (although the rest of the data refreshed because I checked by changing some August numbers).

Does anyone know how I can make the table include any new months without me having to recreate the pivot table each time or without using macros.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Posted by Mark W. on September 28, 2001 6:38 AM

Have you checked... see if some of your Month items (including
9) have been hidden using the "Hide items" list
on the PivotTable Field dialog?

Posted by Dank on September 28, 2001 7:40 AM

Re: Have you checked...

Thanks for answering but I had done something silly. The original pivot table I set up required that one of the field values in my table must equal TRUE in order for it to be included. Surprise, surprise that all of the transactions in my September download had a value of FALSE for that particular field. DOH!

Thanks again for your answer,