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Pivot tables sub totals

Posted by Shane Greenan on June 26, 2000 10:12 AM


This one is driving me nuts. Your help would be much appreciated
Picture a pivot table....
Columns are 36 months,
no row have been entered in the layour
and data is number of games (from a source data file)and game revenue (a calculated field)
The problem.....The subtotals for each year are correct for the # of games but madly wrong for the calculated field.

Any ideas?


Posted by thomas venn on June 28, 0100 2:31 PM

It could be that in some of your data, there is an "N/A", or a value which is not a number. If this is the case, the Pivot Table will count the "N/A", but the subtotal will not reflect it as a result. I would suggest double clicking on one field which contains a small number (10 or less), this way you will get your raw data back, then do some heavy analysis of your raw data and compare to the pivot table to see where the differences lie.