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Re-arrangement of table

Posted by philipjsmith on January 04, 2002 1:52 PM

On sheet 1 of a workbook I have a row with 12 headed columns. Up to the next 30 rows show 12 details of each of 30 items.Column 1 is used to number the items.

I want sheet 2 to show the same information but with the details shown in 3 rows of 4 details with the labels over each details. i.e. each item would require 6 rows.30 items would require 80 rows. On sheet 1, 30 items would take up 30 + 1 = 31 rows.

Is there a way of doing this for 1 to 30 items using formulae/or any other way?

Any help would be appreciated.

Posted by Bariloche on January 04, 2002 5:08 PM


Is your data suitable for use in a pivot table? If you're not familiar with them, read the Excel Help topics on them and post back with any additional questions you might have.

If its not suitable, we might need to see some sample data in order to provide any help.