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Bold print

Posted by Garry on April 14, 2000 5:19 AM

I have the following in a worksheet
=" Please call me on "& " " & text(inputs!d45,"0000 0000")

Inputs!d45 is a phone number.

My question is how do I have the phone number in the format
0000 0000 to print in bold type


Posted by Sherlock on April 18, 2000 6:22 AM

We assume that you need to change the format of selected cells, depending upon the value entered. To do so, please try out the following method:

1. Select the cells (for ex.a1 to a5).
2. Right click on selected cells.
3. Choose "Format cells".
4. Format cells dialog box will be displayed.
5. Select "Number" tab.
6. In "Number" tab select "Custom" in "Category" option.
7. Now, in "Type" option select "0000 0000".
8. Then in "Fonts" tab select "Bold" in "Font style".
9. Click OK.

Hope this works around your problem :-)