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Printing large workbooks duplex

Posted by Steve Jungk on August 03, 2000 3:10 PM

I have a workbook with over 40 tables, charts, graphs,
etc. I want to print it duplex except that Excel will
occasionally skip the back end of the two-sided page.
It appears related to the fact that Excel breaks up
the large print stream into multiple smaller segments
(judging by the multiple images and sizes displayed on
the print control screen). When this break occurs
across a page (e.g., seg 1 end on the front side of a
page) the printer ejects the page and begins a new one.
This causes a blank back-page to be inserted. Is there
a way to prevent this from happening?

Posted by Ivan Moala on August 05, 0100 6:52 AM

Not sure but
You could try viewing the pages in PageBreak view
and then changing the page breaks so that they do not cross your segments / images ??


Posted by Steve Jungk on August 07, 0100 8:22 AM

Ivan --

Well if I print it one-sided there is no extra page...