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Printing Worksheet

Posted by Anurag Agarwal on September 27, 1999 7:41 AM

I have highlighted ( changed the backgroud color) of certain cells to allow users to enter data easily. When they print out the sheet I want the backgroud of these cell to be white, the file to be printed and then the cells to revert to there backgroud color. I can use BeforePrint to change the cell colors to white, but what event do I use after the printing is complete ?

Thanks in Advance


Posted by Chris on September 27, 1999 8:29 AM

You have them print the sheet from a macro button assigned to a macro that would change the background, print, then change it back.


Posted by WES on October 07, 1999 3:00 PM

Go to file Pagesetup sheet and click the print black and white checkbox control.