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Reducing the number of printed pages

Posted by Wendy Hubbard on January 20, 2002 9:06 PM

Hello Mr Wonderful

I have a lengthy excel file (10,000) rows by 3 columns wide which would print out on 192 pages. The total width of the 3 columns is less than 2inches. How do I format the output to print the first 50 records across the page and then print the next 50 records to the right of the first 50. This would reduce the number of printed pages to approx 95.

Preferred Page Layout
Col1 col2 col3 col1 col2 col3
dddd dddd dddd dddd dddd dddd

Posted by Stephen Hoadley on January 21, 2002 12:28 AM

The only way I know of doing this is to do it in word.

open word document and set to 2 columns wide copy excel data and paste as formated text into word this automaticaly word wraps it onto 2 columns