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An original entry in VBA code

Posted by Jim on July 04, 2001 2:31 PM

Anyone have any thoughts on this:
When you make an entry in b2 say 10 and then make an
entry in a2 say 1.2 i need it to multiply a2 * b2, then
when you make a 2nd entry in a2 say 1.3 i need a2 to
multiply b2 by the b2 original entry 10. In other words
b2 remembers the original entry and is multiplied by
the next a2 entry
thanks Jim

Posted by Scott on July 05, 2001 6:22 AM


It doesn't look like you are changing the entry in B2, so wouldn't the formula =A2*B2 work? This seems too simple, so maybe I'm missing something.