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ANIA: Getting rid of macros

Posted by Marion on January 24, 2002 6:23 PM

Ania - thanks for the suggestions about right clicking and
checking for modules or forms.

I checked in VB editor.
There aren't any modules
There aren't any forms.
There aren't any macros.

Any other suggestions?

Posted by Keiser on January 25, 2002 1:44 AM

It´s a posibility that a code is on the sheet it self!
Check the sheets in VB editor.

Also, is it imposible for you to copy/paste you´re data in to another workbook and then renaming it so that any links you might have would still work?

If this is old news, than back to the old drawing board.

Posted by Ania on January 25, 2002 7:05 AM

like i said - check the code for all sheets and 'this workbook'.

if there's no code in there either then i would suggest creating a brand new file and importing data from the old file into the new one. a little cumbersome, but would definetly work.