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application.screenupdating = false' - stopped working

Posted by Pete on January 04, 2002 3:45 AM


I've been using "application.screenupdating" in a large macro, up until today it has worked really well at stopping that annoying screen flickering.

But I opened the same file this morning and it just doesn't work anymore. The line is still there:

application.screenupdating = false

but even when I step through this line, the watch shows it stays at 'True'.

I'm sure I haven't changed, and no errors are reported.

Please help!!!


Posted by Seman on January 04, 2002 5:24 AM

Try to remove the application.screenupdating=true
at beginning of your code and application.screenupdating=false
at the end..and try runn the code again..i think its
something like bugs..any ideas..