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Auto Fill

Posted by David on September 19, 2000 2:24 AM

Can you do autofill without changing the font color?
some are red some are blue and some are black and I want the formulas to austo fill but the font color not to change.

temp = Worksheets("List").Range("A3").End(xlDown).Row

Worksheets("List").Range("I3").AutoFill Destination:=Worksheets("List").Range("I3:I" & temp), Type:=xlFillDefault

Posted by AB on September 19, 0100 7:03 AM

If you only want to add formulas, don't use autofill.

Intersect(ActiveCell.CurrentRegion, ActiveCell.EntireColumn).FormulaR1C1 = ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1

Where the active cell can be assumed to be [I3] in your case.