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BuiltInDocumentProperties Query

Posted by JAF on May 15, 2000 12:42 AM

I'm trying to use the BuiltInDocumentProperties command to obtain the following information about the workbook: "Last Saved By" and "Date/Time Last Saved".

I can do the "Last Saved By" without any problem using: MsgBox "Last Saved By: " & ThisWorkbook.BuiltinDocumentProperties("Last Author")

When I try to get the Date/Time using:
MsgBox "Last Saved At: " & ThisWorkbook.BuiltinDocumentProperties("Last Save Time")
I get the following error

Run Time Error '-2147467259 (80004005)'
Automation Error
Unspecified Error

Any suggestions as to what is going wrong and how to fix it?


Posted by Ivan Moala on May 15, 2000 1:31 AM

Hi Jaf
Don't ask me why ?? but not all built-in document property are define for these. Reading the Value
property for that document property causes this
automation error.
For a work around have a look @ Johns site which
uses some API calls to get the TRUE Ceation/last save Dates & times.


Posted by JAF on May 15, 2000 3:24 AM

Thanks for that - I thought I was going mad!