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calling macro from hyperlink

Posted by Odoy on November 19, 2001 2:44 PM

Hello there,

I wonder if anybody out there has ever tried calling a macro not by clicking a button (i.e. menu, button, shortcut etc). I am trying to run the macro from a cell. So the idea is to click on the cell and the macro would run, much like a hyperlink. Anybody tried this before? Thanks for the help.


Posted by Qroozn on November 19, 2001 4:42 PM

The SelectionChange macro

I don't know too much about this fucnction but check it out in the help file. It is the closest you will get to what you are looking for

Posted by Odoy on November 19, 2001 6:03 PM

Re: The SelectionChange macro

Thanks Q
It works now although it's not a hyperlink.