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Can I display a "Working" dialog box while a macro is running?

Posted by JAF on October 23, 1999 5:24 AM

I have a number of large complicated macros which I run at work which take anything up to 10 minutes to run through.

Although I can display a message box when the macro has completed, I want to show some type of "Working . . ." message/dialog/form while the macro is actually running.

If you simply create a message box, the macro pauses until the box has been closed which is no help at whatsoever.

Any ideas gratefully received.


Posted by Ivan Moala on October 24, 1999 11:33 PM

There are a number of ways you can display a msg.
1) use the Status bar
2) Dynamically make up a msgbox at the start of your routine.
3) create a msgbox or any object/picture, hide it via the objects visible property and just make it visible @ start of your routine.

You say that your routine takes up to 10mins, I would personally
creat a number of objects that display different msgs and Graphics
@ predifined intervals to keep the sheet interesting.
How ? well rather then paste and discribe a way
you can have a look @ this site;
Ole P. Erlandsen site is great.