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Combo Box

Posted by Gman on July 02, 2001 4:38 AM

Hi there
I ahve asked this question before, and the answer i got didnt work... please help

I have a combo box with 4 options, each option should take me to a certain sheet.

Option 1 - Sheet 1
option 2 - Sheet 2. etc...

I tried assigning macro but I can only assign one macro to the combo box, so all the options take me to the same page.

Or I use IF THEN ELSE is it possible to call a macro or jump to another page.

Please help....


Posted by Ben O. on July 02, 2001 9:10 AM

Make sure your combo box is from the Control Toolbox (not Forms) so you can assign VBA code to it.

In your Private Sub ComboBox1_Change() statement, just put the different options in IF statements, like:

If Combobox1.Value = "Thursday" Then
End If

I hope this helps,