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Combo Box Selection in a Macro

Posted by Chad on February 11, 2002 10:43 AM

How do I select the second dropdown item in ComboBox1 using a macro?

What if I wanted to select the next item and loop until the entire list has been selected? I'm printing after each selection. (When I tried to record it, nothing records from the combobox selection)

Thanks in Advance.

Posted by Juan Pablo G. on February 11, 2002 11:43 AM

I want to set up a sheet which will carry out anaylsis of data in another sheet.

I want to enter a date in say A1 then count all entries in column A on sheet2.

I then want to count all those in column A with a particular value in column.

Sheet2 Column A contains dates
Sheet2 Column B contains typeA,typeB,typeC.

I want to count all those with a date greater than that in A1 sheet and are of typeA etc.

Any help greatfully received