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Comment defaults

Posted by Graham on July 19, 2001 3:13 AM

I can change the colour ok, and I can re-format an inserted comment, but can anyone tell me how to change the default font size for 'Comments'?

Posted by Ivan F Moala on July 19, 2001 7:42 PM

This is altered via your windows settings and
not by excel......
eg. Display properties / Appearance
Then select Item = Tooltips
set your default font here.


Posted by Graham on July 20, 2001 12:27 AM

Thanks, Ivan, that worked.
It makes a bit of a mess of the tool tips on everything else, though!
I've also found a couple of macros that work.
The first formats a selected cell's comment, the second formats all comments

Sub comment_font_change_1()
With ActiveCell.Comment.Shape.TextFrame.Characters.Font
.Name = "courier"
.Size = 36
.Bold = True
.ColorIndex = 21
End With
End SubSub

For Each x In ActiveSheet.comments
With x.Shape.TextFrame.Characters.Font
.Name = "arial"
.Size = 16
.Bold = False
.ColorIndex = 3
End With
Next x
End Sub