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displaystatusbar method ????

Posted by Micke on June 20, 2001 9:42 AM

I whant to use the application.displaystatusbar=false
to hide the statusbar in my Excel workbook. However I get a return message stating tha the method failed.


Please help me !

regards Micke

Posted by Ben O. on June 20, 2001 10:23 AM

Are you using Excel 2000? This macro works for me, regardless of the worksheet/workbook protection:

Sub StatusToggle()
If Application.DisplayStatusBar = True Then
Application.DisplayStatusBar = False
Application.DisplayStatusBar = True
End If
End Sub


Posted by mseyf on June 20, 2001 11:20 AM

are you putting the code inside a command button?
Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Application.DisplayStatusBar = False
End Sub

if so try setting the TakeFocusOnClick property to false.



Posted by Micke on June 23, 2001 3:49 AM

Solved ! Thank you very much Mark !