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Event coding in VBA

Posted by Jim Dillon on August 03, 2001 6:48 AM

Posted this question earlier but it does not appear on the board!!

Could anyone please tell me how to solve the problem

I am coding a very simple project in VBA Excel using
nested forms to fire various events on the spreadsheets.

frm1 has a command to load and display frm2. Unfortunately none of the controls on frm2 are available immediately when it is loaded by this button

e.g. frm2 has opt1, opt2 and opt3. When frm2 is loaded by cmdLoad on frm1; the first opt selected has no effect but the second does.

I think from my limited knowledge of VB, it has something to do with SetFocus or GotFocus.

Unfortunately these do not seem to be available in VBA

Please enlighten !!

Thanks in advance,


Posted by Cory on August 03, 2001 8:31 AM

Can I see the code you're using?