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Excel and VBA

Posted by Feri on September 29, 2001 6:45 AM

Hi Mr Excel.

I have a simple question.

I’m building this application program in excel in which I have an introductory page. I like to be able to press on a button and have some animation going like a GIF file. Basically the idea would be that I have the Gif files sitting in the program somewhere and activate them somehow.

I also thought that I should take each individual pictures in the GIF file and loop through them, but I can not do it. Can you do it? Is there a simple solution?

Thank You

Posted by Ivan F Moala on September 29, 2001 11:31 AM

You will need a Giff animation activeX control
There are some avial on the net....forgot where
I saw them....No wait try;

If this doesn't suit then if you have the individ
giff images you can do this via vba.

Basicall line up all images
1) make them visible via looping

I've done this before ....trying to find my code.