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excel scrolling

Posted by shemso on January 02, 2001 8:27 AM

I created kinda calender, and one month has 5 columns. Now i want to scroll (from left to right) month by month (5 columns by 5 columns), and i don't want to scroll column by column. How do i do it?

Posted by Dave on January 02, 2001 8:54 AM

Hi shemso

You will need to use a couple of macros to do this and attach them to a couple of custom menu items.

Push Alt+f11 then go to Insert>Module and paste in the code below:

Sub MoveLeft()
ActiveWindow.SmallScroll ToRight:=-5
End Sub

Sub MoveRight()
ActiveWindow.SmallScroll ToRight:=5
End Sub

Now push Alt+Q.

Go to View>Toolbars>Customize. Click the Commands tab and then select Data. Now scroll through until you see the Group and Ungroup arrows. Click these and drag them onto the Toolbar. Now right click on them and assign them accordingly.

Good luck

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