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Finding places that Macros are Called From

Posted by Mark B. on December 03, 2001 8:46 PM

I have a macro that is messing things up and I don't no where it is referenced. Is there a way to find out where each Macro is referenced (on a worksheet)?

Posted by Arum Pitt on December 04, 2001 3:20 AM

Perhaps I have misunderstood your problem, but ... change the macro name and then an error will occur when the macro is called - go to the error line to find out where it is being called

Posted by Mark B. on December 04, 2001 5:13 AM

The macro isn't being called from another macro - it is referenced to (an area?) from a worksheet. When the page scroll bar is at the top, the macro is active (I can't use the mouse to get around the screen). As soon as I scroll down the scroll bar, the macro is inactive and I can use the mouse. I have no idea how this macro became assigned but I do know which macro it is. I want to unassaign it!

Posted by Arum Pitt on December 04, 2001 6:34 AM

From what you say, I presume it must be a Worksheet event procedure. What do you mean by "I want to unassign it" ?
If you want to delete it, go to the macro code (right click on the sheet tab and select View Code), select all of the code and press delete.