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Finding Sheets in a workbook

Posted by Niv on November 09, 2001 5:37 AM

I have a spreadsheet that has about 200 different sheets which constantly need to be accessed. Is there something I can do/create to enable me to go to them quicker than tabbing through each one.

Posted by Dank on November 09, 2001 5:47 AM

You can right click the area with the four navigation arrows on it to bring up a list of sheets in your workbook and select it that way.


Posted by Rick on November 09, 2001 6:40 AM

With 200 sheets you may want a macro that jumps to the sheet by name, here one way to do it:

Sub getSheet()
On Error GoTo err99
str1 = InputBox("Enter Sheet Name", "Get Sheet")
If str1 = "" Then Exit Sub
Exit Sub
err99: str2 = "Sheet name '" & str1 & "' not in the workbook."
MsgBox str2
Exit Sub
End Sub

I would assign this macro to a shortcut key, like 'Ctrl+g' to make it easier to run each time. Of course you must know the name of the sheet you want to go to, good luck.

Posted by Barrie Davidson on November 09, 2001 9:35 AM

Very cool, I did not know that ! (nt)