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help please

Posted by RT on October 10, 2001 12:03 PM

I was wondering if there is a way to write a macro that will insert a page break everywhere it finds a certain word...

Posted by Qroozn on October 10, 2001 3:05 PM

certainly..but to help me out..
1. are you searching each row/cell.
2. does it occur in a cell by itself? or are we searching for a word within a phrase. eg does find "dog" or 'look at the "dog"'
3. is it on one sheet.
4. what is the range we are searching in.

Posted by RT on October 10, 2001 3:49 PM

I am currently just using the find feature...not sure how to search once through the worksheet

the word does occur in a cell by itself

yes it is only in one sheet

we are searching cells a1 to about a3765