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How do I pass text from a label in a user form by clicking an option to a text box in another user f

Posted by Kurt on July 19, 2000 11:57 AM


I need to pass text from a user form where there are four to six options to another user form and display that selection in a text box in the other user form.

Thanks again,


Posted by Ryan on July 19, 0100 12:27 PM


You can do this:

UserForm2.TextBox1.Value = UserForm1.TextBox1.Value

This is generic and can be fitted for any need


Posted by Kurt on July 19, 0100 12:42 PM

Second question

Hello Ryan,

In place of TextBox1 can I sustitue OptionButton1 so that when the user clicks on it the label is passed to the Text box in UserForm2?

Thanks for you ever so quick responses.


Posted by Ryan on July 19, 0100 1:01 PM

Re: Second question


Here you go:

UserForm1.OptionButton1.Caption = Userform2.TextBox1.Value